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by Mar 25, 2018

A mailing list is one of the best organic eCommerce marketing assets an online store can have. It’s better than even a sizable list of Facebook followers because a mailing list consists of people who opted into receiving promotional communication from your store (as long as it’s not spammy!). Additionally the way they receive that communication does not depend on the whims of an algorithm (e.g. Facebook’s News Feed).


How to Start a Mailing List

Or continue growing a stagnant one is to offer an incentive for people to sign up. A discount on their first or next purchase, or some other exclusive offer is the easiest and most effective way to incentivize users to sign up. Most websites use a simple pop up with their offer and an input field so the user can enter their email address. This is something your web designer can help you add to your website.


Repeat Shoppers

The biggest value a mailing list provides your store is repeat business from people who have already purchased from you. Now that you have that customer’s email address you have the opportunity to continue reaching out to that customer with promotions, sales, other coupons, etc. to get them to buy again and again and again.


Lookalike Audience Opportunity

As you look to expand your reach to find new audiences to promote your store and products, lookalike audiences are an excellent tool to do that. Using your mailing list is a perfect audience to base the lookalike off of. This list consists of people engaged with your brand, which should make an ideal source of people for Facebook to go out and look for others like them.



If you frame it correctly, then part of the appeal of a mailing list is the exclusivity. Subscribers will get access to sales and coupons only available to them and not the general public. This helps strengthen customer loyalty and retention.


Want to learn more about the effectiveness of mailing lists? Read this mailing list case study where we helped a client put in place an automatic process to encourage their website visitors to sign up to their mailing list by offering them a 20% off coupon their first purchase.


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