How to Optimize Your Business Website for Local SEO

by Feb 4, 2021

Does your business have a physical location? Do you want to get more people looking for your products and services to find your website when they search on Google and other local search engines? Well then you’re gonna need to optimize your business website for local SEO. In this blog post I’ll go over what local SEO is and how to optimize your business website for local SEO.

What is local SEO anyway?

Local SEO is all about optimizing your business’ online presence so that it pops up when potential customers search locally for your products and services.

Improving local SEO means optimizing your digital presence for local searches.

It means making sure pertinent information about your physical location(s) is available not only on your website, but also on as many online listings and social media networks as possible.

“Snack Pack” Results

The most common example of this is Google’s “snack pack” results. This is a list of the top 3 local business listings most relevant for a particular search query.

For example searching for “coffee shops louisville ky” will yield the following snack pack results.

google snack pack results for coffee shops louisville ky

According to a Moz study 33% of clicks go to the local snack pack results, which means optimizing for local search queries can result in lots of eyeballs, clicks, and traffic to your business.

So, how do you optimize your digital presence for local SEO?

How to optimize your business website for local SEO

First let’s talk about how you can optimize your website for local searches.

Mobile-friendly website

Is your website mobile-friendly? You can use Google’s mobile-friendly test tool to check. Just drop your website’s URL and check the results.

website mobile friendly result

If your website is not mobile-friendly then you will need to fix this problem immediately!

Mobile is by far the most popular way people search for local businesses, so if your website is not mobile-friendly then you need to stop right here and fix that problem now.

Need help making your local business website mobile-friendly? Contact me for a free consultation.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the foundation of any kind of SEO strategy.

Doing keyword research for local SEO will help you identify exactly how people are searching for the products and services your business provides.

You’ll then be able to optimize pages and meta tags on your website for those queries.

Use free tools like Google’s Keyword Planner or the autocomplete feature right in the Google search bar to look for keyword ideas.

google autocomplete search for coffee shops louisville ky

Compile a list of these keyword ideas to use them later when optimizing your business website.

Optimize your website’s pages and meta tags

Now that you’ve completed the keyword research you’ll be able to incorporate relevant keywords into your website through content and meta tag optimizations.

Below the snack pack results is where you’ll find the typical organic search results.

This is where you can optimize things like your title tags and meta descriptions using Yoast SEO if you’re on WordPress, or the SEO tools your website builder platform has for you.

Consider creating a page dedicated to the services offered by your business in your particular service location.

For example if you’re a photographer in Louisville, KY with a dedicated studio space then create a page for Photography in Louisville, KY. Include your business name, hours of operation, contact information, and add relevant keywords to the page that help optimize the page. Avoid keyword stuffing!

Add schema markup based on physical location information

Schema markup is a code snippet you can add to your website to help search engines learn a ton of information about your business and its physical locations.

You can use Google’s Structured Markup Helper to fill in the information search engines need to know about your local business.

google structured markup helper

The tool will help you create this data and then automatically generate a code snippet you can drop into your website to immediately add relevant information web crawlers can read.

Need help adding code to your website? You can contact me anytime for help.

Add local information in your website’s footer

Use your website’s footer area to add local information about your physical location.

This is prime real estate for adding not only contact information like your phone number and email address, but also the street address including the suite number of your office.

Don’t forget to add your normal hours of operations, too.

ntaba coffee haus louisville ky website footer

This is also a great spot to add a Google Maps embed of your physical location.

Final thoughts

Your website can be more than just a stagnant digital business card tucked away in your wallet. If you optimize your business website for local SEO then you won’t have to actively remember to share it with people when you’re networking (although you can still do that of course!).

Your website can be found organically by hundreds or thousands of people performing relevant searches every day for your products and services. Not only that it can also generate new leads for you on autopilot.

Have any questions about optimizing your website for local SEO? Contact me at for more information.

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