Is Your Ecommerce Website Ready to Take Advantage of Paid Ads?

by Feb 27, 2019

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With strategic PPC campaigns you can bring in new potential customers, bring back past website visitors, and recover abandoned carts. However, if your website is underperforming at an organic level then you likely won’t reap any benefits from paid advertising. In this post I will go over the boxes your website needs to check before you spend any money on digital ads.

Have you added tracking pixels to your website?

The Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics provide two of the most important customer tracking pixels to track customers in your store.

These code snippets will not only tell you what pages customers are looking at, but will also record important actions taken on your website (e.g. add to cart, specific URLs viewed, checkouts initiated, etc.) so you can later serve targeted ads to those same customers.

The prospect of retargeting customers who have shown intent to purchase, but didn’t convert for one reason or another means you’ll be able to persuade them to return to your website and complete their purchase with retargeting ads on platforms like Facebook and Google.

If you have a WordPress website you can use plugins like Pixel Caffeine to configure the Facebook Pixel. You can use the CAOS plugin to configure Google Analytics.

Need help setting up tracking pixels on your website? Contact me for help.

Is your website fast?

Speed is more important than ever in today’s web landscape. For ecommerce websites it is paramount.

Platforms like Facebook and Google want to give their users the best experience so they prioritize websites that have super fast loading times.

In 2020 customers expect a webpage to load in 3 seconds or less. If your website is taking longer than 3 seconds to load you could be losing as much as half of all potential traffic. You can use tools like and GT Metrix to gauge how your website performs.

divi website performance report

For WordPress websites I highly recommend the WP Rocket plugin. This caching plugin works great out of the box, but also has more advanced options you can tweak to further speed up loading times.

Want me to take a look under the hood? I’ll run an audit and advise on speed improvements. Click here to contact me.

Is your website secure?

Are you ensuring that all data transmission in and out of your website is being handled by secure protocols?

That small lock in the URL bar can go a long way to alleviate any concerns a visitor might have about how secure your website is. This and other security badges can also help make potential customers feel like their data will be protected, which makes them likelier to convert.

You want to make sure there are visible security badges in prominent places on your website. The checkout page is one of the most important places to remind customers that their data is protected.

What is your website’s current conversion rate?

A conversion can be any valuable action you want a visitor to take on your website. For ecommerce stores obviously the most important conversion is a purchase, but it can also be signing up for your mailing list, or even adding a product to the cart.

Using tools like Google Analytics you can calculate your website’s current conversion rate for the conversions that matter to you and your ecommerce business.

If your website is underperforming then the influx in traffic from paid ads will likely underperform, too. It’s important to identify where improvements can be made and implement those solutions.

You can click here to learn how to increase conversions on your website.

Does your website have a landing page for cold audiences?

A “cold audience” is an audience who has never heard of your business, products, or services before.

Attempting to sell to this new audience right away is not a winning strategy. This audience needs to be informed about what you offer and who you are before they decide to buy anything from your online store.

With a landing page you can introduce your brand, your products and services, and why they’re so fantastic. The landing page will do the work of turning a “cold” audience into a “warm” one  that you can retarget with paid ads in an effort to get them to convert.

website landing page

Need help building landing pages that convert? I use the Divi WordPress theme to create custom and engaging landing pages. Learn more about how I use the Divi WordPress theme to build ecommerce websites and blogs.

Does your website have a lead capture form?

Finally, one of the most important marketing strategies all websites should take advantage of is capturing leads.

A lead is someone who has expressed interest in staying in contact with your business, but may not be ready to convert yet. So you present them with a form to input their email address in exchange for something of value, usually a coupon they can use on their first purchase.

A mailing list is one of the most valuable assets any business can have. Your subscribers will likely be among your most engaged fans, which means repeat business, and presents a great opportunity to create Lookalike Audiences on Facebook.

lead capture form

You can use tools like Bloom for WordPress or Mailchimp to build lead capture forms to use on your website.

Paid advertising is not a magic wand. It will not automatically result in more sales for your online store or ecommerce business. Paid ads will only boost the performance of a website that already has the essential ecommerce elements in place.

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