What Are Rich Snippets?

by Apr 1, 2018

Rich snippets are one of the most effective search engine optimization tools you can use to communicate with search engines. However most eCommerce websites are not using them, which gives the ones that do a significant competitive advantage from an organic marketing standpoint.


What are Rich Snippets in eCommerce?

eCommerce Rich snippets are a form of structured data. It’s a way to add additional, relevant details about the website and its content so that search engines can better understand relevant data and present it in search results.

ecommerce rich snippets search results

Most importantly rich snippets can be more beneficial than rankings because of the visual advantage they provide. That’s not to say you should choose one over the other. Both work in tandem. No point in having rich snippets if your pages are winding up beyond the first page of search results.


Ratings and Reviews in Search Results

If you were to see the search results in the image above, which one would you be most likely to click on? Chances are you’d click on the one that has star ratings in the search result listing. Even though it’s not in the number 1 spot it’s the one that’s the most visually engaging.


Aside from star ratings and reviews you can also add important information like pricing and stock availability. Providing even more relevant data about about the product allows the customer to make an informed decision when they enter the site, which brings in a customer who is more ready to purchase, which would increase conversions, and even if they leave it presents an even better retargeting opportunity.


Presentation is Important

Incorporating rich snippets into your website’s mark up requires some familiarity with web design to be able to work with your website’s HTML markup, but they are well worth the effort as it allows complete control over the data you are presenting to both search engines and potential search traffic.

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