What You’ll Need to Launch an Ecommerce Website

by Jan 13, 2021

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Are you struggling with navigating launching your ecommerce website? It can get confusing and overwhelming really fast!

Whether you’re starting a food blog or an online store there are some technical prerequisites you’ll need to have lined up before you can launch your website.

In this blog post I’ll go over what each of these prerequisites are so you can ensure a streamlined project workflow between you and your developer.

Domain Name

First up is a domain name, which is a human readable address of your website on the web.

When choosing a domain name you want to go with something that is descriptive, memorable, and ideally has a keyword from your niche.

The domain name you choose will signal to search engines and inform potential customers what you’re selling on your ecommerce website.

If you’re building a brand then you’ll likely choose the brand name as the domain name (assuming it’s available), which is perfectly acceptable.

You can buy domain names on websites like GoDaddy, Bluehost, and Namecheap to name a few places.

A domain name will be mapped to the server your website lives on so users can be directed to your website when they type the domain name into their browser.

This brings us to the next component you’ll need to build an ecommerce website: hosting.


A hosting provider will furnish you with space on a server for your website to be installed on and your domain name to be mapped to.

Your developer or designer will likely have a system in place that allows them to start building your website before you have everything else lined up, however you will still need a hosting provider to launch your website on.

I offer managed WordPress hosting services to my clients via Cloudways because of their stellar performance and top-notch service and support.

cloudways hosting website

Cloudways offers SSL certificates, automatic daily back-ups, server configurations, and more which make it an ideal hosting environment for WordPress websites.

Another recommended hosting provider is Bluehost where you can follow their guided process to purchase a domain name and launch a WordPress website in under 30 minutes.

Ecommerce Platform

There are countless blog posts all about choosing the right ecommerce platform for your business and the more you read the harder it can be to decide.

I build primarily on WordPress and WooCommerce because these platforms allow me to build exactly what my clients need without compromise.

DIY website builders like Squarespace, Wix, and Shopify can be limiting either in terms of functionality or customization.

divi wordpress theme

By leveraging the Divi WordPress theme from Elegant Themes I can deliver an ecommerce website that can be fully customized per the scope of the client’s project.

Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me at orlando@grimanymarketing.com or send me a note via my website.

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