Why I Use the Divi WordPress Theme to Design Ecommerce Websites

by Oct 29, 2020

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The Divi theme is easily one of the best WordPress themes available for the popular blogging platform. With Divi anyone can build a fully customized website using its intuitive visual design interface. Not to mention it integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce so you can design an ecommerce website to sell your products and accept payments online.

In this blog post I will go over the 8 reasons I use the Divi theme with WooCommerce to design ecommerce websites for my clients.

What is the Divi theme?

The Divi WordPress theme is simply one of the best WordPress web design tools there is. This powerful theme, created by Elegant Themes, comes with many native functionalities that give you full control over the design and branding of your website.

At its core Divi is a drag and drop page builder anyone can pick up to start designing a fully customized website for their online business.

I use the Divi theme to design engaging websites for ecommerce businesses with a focus on optimizing page loading times and maximizing conversions.

Here I’ll go over all the benefits the Divi theme offers and why you should consider using it to build or refresh your website.

1. Build your ecommerce website with Divi and WooCommerce

I work primarily with WordPress and WooCommerce to build ecommerce websites.

WooCommerce still reigns as the most popular ecommerce platform on the market.

I use the Divi theme because it integrates seamlessly with this shopping cart application so I can build modern and engaging ecommerce websites for my clients to grow their business online.

The Divi Shop module gives me the ability to create store elements like best selling product galleries and new arrivals that update automatically.

With Divi I can supplement an already powerful ecommerce platform with many new design options and functionalities.

2. Optimize product pages using Divi’s WooCommerce modules

The Divi WordPress theme not only comes with standard web design modules, but it also provides various WooCommerce specific modules you can use to design product pages and layouts anywhere on your site.

2. Design engaging calls to action (CTA’s)

Prompting users to take a specific action is crucial for increasing conversions on any website.

Whether it’s getting more subscribers for your mailing list, or getting visitors to the “Shop Now” button with Divi you can easily create these design elements that are meant to evoke an action from the visitor.

4. Design lead capture forms with Bloom

When you purchase a subscription to Elegant Themes you’ll get access to more than just the Divi theme.

You’ll also be able to use Bloom, one of the best email optin form creator plugins available for WordPress.

lead capture form

A lead capture form is an essential element all ecommerce websites should have and with Bloom you’ll be able to design and configure an email optin form to capture leads for your mailing list.

Bloom integrates with 19 of the most popular email marketing platforms available.

bloom providers

5. Fully customize your website with modules

In addition to Bloom Divi also comes with many native modules that allow you to design your website with ease by dropping in elements using the drag and drop page builder.

Modules range from elements like buttons, image galleries, a collection of blog posts, testimonials, video embeds, and so many more.

Each one comes with the ability to customize the design, look, and feel so it can all blend in with your website’s branding.

6. Leverage beautifully designed premade layouts

Struggling to start from scratch? Not a problem!

Divi comes with dozens of beautifully designed premade layouts for many different industries.

Each layout is a set that comes with different styling options depending on the type of page you need to build.

You can choose templates like a home page, contact page, about page, and landing page among others.

7. The Divi theme is a fast drag and drop page builder

Divi is by no means the fastest WordPress theme out there. I’ll just be honest.

However it still puts up solid performance numbers, especially after the improvement updates Elegant Themes released for its flagship product in June 2019.

This makes it an ideal option for my ecommerce clients who need a fast website to provide a good UX for their customers.

Even without any performance optimizations applied most pages manage to load below the recommended web standard of 3 seconds.

divi website performance report

You can certainly find faster WordPress themes, but for the design options and flexibility the Divi theme provides it’s hard to pass up on it. Especially with the speed optimizations possible with plugins like WP Rocket.

8. Divi’s design options make it ideal for creating visually engaging blogs

With Divi you’ll be able to go beyond the standard blog post.

You can design a flow of information that really captivates your audience with stunning visuals and design elements.

The Divi theme has been the only WordPress theme I’ve used to design websites for my clients since I discovered it a few years ago.

I’m confident you’ll love using the Divi theme for building your website. You can see more information about all Divi has to offer by clicking here.

Want a fully customized Divi website, but don’t have the time to do it yourself? You can hire me!

I help clients launch, build, and maintain successful eCommerce websites built with the powerful Divi theme. Reach out to me anytime so we can chat about your project.

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