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New Earth Organics and Hydroponics Ecommerce Website Rebuild

I successfully completed a website design project for New Earth Organics & Hydroponics located in Louisville, KY. The project involved migrating an outdated ecommerce website to WooCommerce using WordPress and the Divi theme. Through the website rebuild, I was able to create a new and improved design that enhances user experience and functionality. With Divi’s versatile features, the website now showcases a visually appealing layout, providing a seamless browsing experience for visitors.

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The primary objective for the New Earth Organics & Hydroponics website redesign project was to transition their outdated e-commerce platform to a more modern, efficient, and user-friendly system. Understanding the importance of preserving the integrity of their extensive product, order, and customer data, the goal was to ensure a smooth migration to WooCommerce using WordPress, paired with the innovative Divi theme. This upgrade aimed to enhance the overall user experience and functionality of the website, catering to the evolving needs of their online customers in Louisville, KY.


To achieve this transformation, a strategic approach was employed, utilizing advanced migration software designed to seamlessly transfer critical data, including orders, products, and customer information, without loss or compromise. This careful migration process was crucial in maintaining continuity and trust with existing customers. The flexibility and robust features of WordPress and Divi theme were leveraged to reimagine the website’s design. The approach focused on creating a visually appealing layout that not only reflected New Earth Organics & Hydroponics’ brand identity but also improved site navigation and user engagement. Emphasis was placed on ensuring the website’s design was intuitive and accessible, making it easier for visitors to explore products and make purchases.


The website rebuild for New Earth Organics & Hydroponics resulted in a significant enhancement of the site’s design, usability, and overall performance. The new WooCommerce platform, enriched with Divi’s versatile design features, delivered a visually stunning and highly functional e-commerce experience. Customers now enjoy a seamless browsing experience, with improved navigation and a cleaner, more engaging layout. The successful data migration meant that the website transitioned without losing valuable historical order, product, and customer data, ensuring business continuity. This project not only revitalized New Earth Organics & Hydroponics’ online presence but also positioned the business for greater online success and customer satisfaction in Louisville, KY.

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Since this is a local store with a physical location it was important to make the address, hours of operation and phone number easy for customers to find.

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Email optin forms make it easy for you to contact your website visitors with promotions and sales.

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Thanks so much to Grimany Marketing !!!
As a small business owner, who services my own e-commerce website, I was in desperate need of an upgrade. When I reached out to Orlando, he took the extra time to explain how the new site would work and always easy to communicate with. Orlando handled all the details of product migration and credit card processing and who knows what else. I could have never done this without his service, he had us up and running right on schedule. The new site has enabled us to add products videos, and manage orders so much quicker and easier than before.

Mike Davidson

New Earth Garden Center

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