Turn your website into an asset that will grow your business online.

I build websites using WordPress, the Divi theme, and industry-leading tools and software to optimize speed, conversions, and the user experience.

If you want to learn more about if WordPress and Divi makes sense for your business, just fill out the form below.

WordPress and Divi make for powerful and engaging web design.

Building with these platforms allow me to create modern and engaging websites that can significantly enhance the user experience.

An improved user experience creates a trust in your business and a desire to learn more.

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Don’t let engaged users slip through the cracks.

Everyone who comes to your website is a potential new customer.

With Divi’s email optin tools you can grab someone’s attention at just the right moment and encourage them to subscribe to your mailing list.

They might not be ready to buy right then, but with a little nurturing they can be another lifetime customer.

My approach to building websites.

I take a minimalist approach to website design using only premium tools and software.

Divi’s many native functionalities allow me to keep the plugin count low, which improves performance and avoids glitches and bugs.

Basically I build websites that just work.

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With WordPress and Divi your website becomes an asset that will turn visitors into leads, and leads into sales to grow your business.

My services are perfect for you if…


You want a website that you can actually use to capture new leads and generate more sales.


You want your website to be fast so people will actually stick around to learn about what you have to offer.


You need to redesign your current website because it’s slow, glitchy, and people complain about how difficult it is to navigate.


You want a website that just works so you can get back to focusing on the thing you’re good at.

Working with me…



First we chat. You tell me about your business and goals so that we get on the same page.

Website Design

I go to work on building a website you’ll love with the essential elements it needs to be successful.



When your website is ready we go live so you can start using it to grow your business.


Ongoing Maintenance

I make sure your website is looked after with routine care and updates.


I offer a signature package that includes everything you need to launch a website optimized for speed and conversions.

Web Design

I design a WordPress website with the premium Divi theme. It will have the essential elements all business websites need to succeed.


I perform keyword research and combine the results with what I learn about your business. I use all of this together to optimize your website’s title and image tags, URLs, and meta descriptions.


Speed Optimizations

I’ll optimize your website’s loading times and Core Web Vitals by compressing files, enabling caching, and setting up a CDN to optimize the user experience.

Lead Capture

I use Divi’s awesome email optin design tools to create pop-ups and optin forms. These can be used throughout your website to capture leads interested in learning more about your business.


Email Marketing

You’ll want to say “hi” to all those new subscribers. I’ll design and program an automatic welcome email for all the new leads that subscribe to your mailing list.

Customer Data

I’ll add tracking pixels on your website to track important actions users take while they browse your site. You can then use this data to serve highly targeted ads to those same users.

Starting at $2,475

"Finding someone to help us with our website that knows what they’re doing, cares about what they’re doing and gives 110% isn’t easy."

Alix S.

Head of Marketing, DJ Inkers

"I hired Orlando to help me design a website. He did a superb job! He is very flexible and open to work with what information is available. Highly recommended!"

Ingrid M.

Managing Partner, M Group Louisville LLC

What are next steps?

If you’re ready to learn more about how we can work together then send me a note with a little more information about your project.

I’ll reply within a day and we’ll set up a time to discuss your project.


What other costs should I expect besides your signature package?

There are two other costs you’ll have to plan for: your domain name and your hosting provider.

A domain name will run you about $15-25 / year.

A quality hosting service will start from about $15 / month.

Do I need a domain name and a hosting provider for you to start?

Nope! I can always get your website started on one of my development servers. This way you’ll be able to track progress on the project.

When you get your domain and hosting set up I can transfer your website to your hosting provider.

Do you offer ongoing support after the project is completed?

Absolutely! You’ll always be able to reach me for any ongoing support or edits you need for your website.

Will I be able to make edits myself?

Definitely! I will teach you to use the WordPress admin area as well as how to use the Divi builder to visually construct pages and edit the content on them.

Orlando has helped me out on projects multiple times over the last five years, from troubleshooting to designing new websites. He is reliable, communicates effectively, and respects my vision while infusing his own creativity into projects. He is also very efficient and finishes projects on time or sooner. Working with Orlando is always a pleasant and positive experience.

Nancy R.

Principal CEO, One Love Hemp Dispensary and Distributing

Ready to get started?

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